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Universal Tennis is investing over $20M and enabling hundreds of annual events in the UTR Pro Tennis Tour (PTT). These $25K prize money events are for men and women with a UTR PTT Rank between 200-2,000. The innovative format guarantees more matches and prize money.
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2023 Schedule
Universal Tennis has released the first six months of the 2023 UTR Pro Tennis Tour calendar! The schedule features 90 events taking place in 18 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
Check your Eligibility
  • Men must have UTR rating of at least 12.50
  • Women must have UTR rating of at least 9.70
  • All players must be outside top 200 PTT rankings
  • Players 1-199 or > 2000 eligible for wild cards
Tournament Schedule
  • Across Europe, Americas, Australia, Asia-Pacific
  • New tournaments and locations weekly
  • Follow events, players, and results
  • View the full calendar
UTR Pro Tennis Tour Launches on Prime Video
PTT in the Americas is now live on Amazon Prime Video at no additional cost to Prime members! Additional PTT regions will be offered in the near future.
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About the PTT
All players earn prize money! Minimum $25,000 financial commitment. Round-robin format guarantees at least 3 matches, and ranking restrictions ensure level-based competition.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find UTR Pro Tennis Tour Rules and Regulations?
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What is the prize money for the UTR Pro Tennis Tour?
How will I get paid?
I am traveling to a tournament. What arrangements should I make in advance?
How do I handle threats, offensive and unwanted messages?
Universal Tennis does not have a formal relationship or partnership with the ITIA. All players agree to abide by the UTR PTT Code of Conduct which includes a commitment to always play to win and compete with best efforts.
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