Universal Tennis is adding pickleball! Universal Tennis will offer one home for tennis and pickleball, beginning a new chapter by bringing a pickleball rating and technology solutions to this fast-growing racquet sport.
Two racquet sports. One home.
Pickleball on Universal Tennis
  • Users will have one home for both pickleball and tennis tournaments, matchplay, draws, results, schedules, statistics, player profiles, ratings, and more.
  • With access to Universal Tennis’ innovative technology, pickleball players will enjoy more local, level-based play and grow their community.
  • Providers will be able to run their own pickleball events and digital membership using software features they already know and love.
Two racquet sports. Two ratings.
The UTR Pickleball Rating
Introducing the new UTR Pickleball Rating (UTRP) to rate players as P1 (beginner), P2 (intermediate), P3 (advanced), or P4 (expert/pro). A decimal place numerical rating for P4 is currently being developed for future release.
Pickleball is Live on Universal Tennis
FAQs about the introduction of pickleball to Universal Tennis
Why pickleball?
I play pickleball. How do I get my rating?
I don’t play pickleball. Do I have to have a rating for it?
How will my pickleball rating be calculated?